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The personalized monthly plans and accountability you need to become debt-free

Your freedom starts here.

How will you feel when you become debt-free?
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Monthly services are only available to members
As a member, you will receive:
  • Personalized Debt Report
  • Personalized Repayment Plans
  • Personalized Expense Sheets
  • Professional Accountability
  • Access to Our Customer Support​

Steps to Become Debt-Free


Enroll as a Debt Plan Services member.


Enter your personal debt information.


Receive all debt repayment services with your low cost, monthly subscription.

Personalized, Monthly

Debt Plans & Accountability


Take Control of Your Life.

Why Choose Debt Plan Services?

If you had ONLY $5,000 in debt, this is what you would be paying your creditors by only making the minimum monthly payment. We will give you the tools and accountability to save you thousands of dollars from interest.

$5,000 Debt

On Your Own


  • 6 Years

  • Pay over $3,857 in INTEREST

  • Manage your debt and expenses alone

  • Come up with your own plan

  • No external accountability

Debt Plan Services


  • 3 Years

  • Save over $2,048

  • We completely manage your debt and expenses, every month

  • We will tell you how much to repay every creditor, every month.

  • Monthly spending accountability


Our low-cost monthly subscription will provide you with the tools and resources to get out of debt. This subscription includes:

  • Personalized debt report/chart, updated monthly

  • Personalized repayment strategies, updated monthly

  • Personalized expense report, updated monthly

  • Monthly follow-ups with updated reports

  • Access to our customer support team with any questions throughout the month

We will provide ​you with a detailed and tailored plan to overcome your debt. Our monthly reports will list your remaining debt, expenses, plan and strategies to eliminate your debt within your means.

We are confident that we will get you out of debt. Your freedom starts here.

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